1. Are we guaranteed a DJ on the day of our event?

A written agreement (contract) with your specific terms protects you from unscrupulous operators.

We sign a written agreement with every client that details the services we will provide along with the agreed price with no hidden charges.

2. How many years of experience do you have?

Experience brings knowledge of common problems and situations. Be sure your DJ has experience with your type of event. Ask for referrals.

MNDJ has been in business for over 12 years and have collectively been involved with hundreds of successful events.

3. May we contact your references?

References are a major party of the entertainment business. This helps clarify the significance about the service.

We have references available upon request.

4. Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?

An involved business shows a willingness to learn, network, and share ideas. Belonging to a professional trade group reflects a caring attitude and respect.

We are members of various national and regional professional organizations. Each one strict membership requirements based on experience, references, and compliance with their professional code of ethics.

5. Will you allow requests?

This is your event and your special requests should be welcome. If a song seems inappropriate, a good DJ service will explain the reason(s) and ask, or suggest, an alternative.

We welcome your requests made through our online music request system and on the day of your event. In addition, we respect your wishes when considering requests made by your guests.

6. How early will you be there to set up?

An average of 60-90 minutes should be allowed for set up and sound check. Normally there is no additional charge for this and should be part of the entire service.

While our equipment setups are designed to be setup and tested in a matter of minutes, we appreciate the opportunity to arrive up to 2 hours before your event is scheduled to begin.

7. How will the DJ be dressed?

Proper attire reflects a positive image to your guests. The DJ should be dressed as good or better than your guests.

Our preferred attire consists of a button-up dress shirt, complementing tie, black slacks, and black dress shoes.

8. Do you use professional gear (equipment)?

Using professional sound and lighting equipment helps insure a reliable service and quality presentation.

Our gear is more than "just" professional - It is cutting edge. Having the latest and greatest gear allows us to do our job easier and better. We rarely keep any piece of equipment longer than about 2 years to ensure that it operates perfectly every time.

9. Will you provide an emergency back-up system at our event?

Weddings are special once in a lifetime events. A back-up system protects your investment.

Backup equipment is brought to every event we perform at. Murphy's law states that if we bring it, we'll never need it!



Tips provided by: ADJA (American DJ Association)