Wedding Enhancements

Wedding Enhancements

Event & Sound System Options

Music and/or Microphones For A Wedding Ceremony

Includes a sound system for up to one hour of music at a wedding ceremony. We can provide either just music, just microphones, or both. Battery-powered systems for remote locations available upon request.


  • Wireless microphone for wedding officiant
  • Handheld microphone on a stand for readings or vocalists (if needed)
  • Even sound distribution will ensure that every guest hears your ceremony with perfect clarity

Music & Additional Sound System For A Cocktail Hour

Includes a compact and discreet sound system with up to one hour of music at a wedding cocktail hour preceding the reception. This system operates independent of the reception system. Therefore, no downtime is required between the completion of the cocktail hour and the start of the reception.


  • Choose one of our popular lists of cocktail hour music or feel free to create your own
  • Battery-powered systems for remote locations are available upon request.

Video Production & Presentation Options

Large Screen & Digital Projector

Digital projector and projection screen are the perfect combination for displaying slide shows at your event.


  • Ideal for larger rooms with good lighting control

Custom Slide Show Creation

We can create you an elegant slide show with 60-100 of your photos and songs that you specify. It will be presented during the reception on our professional digital projection equipment (available as a separate add-on). A DVD master copy is yours to keep while you may also order extras for your family & guests.


  • Custom title slides
  • DVD comes with custom photo labels
  • Smooth pans & zooms to draw attention to the bride and/or groom in each photo